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Online LIC India is a top LIC company in Delhi. We help in fulfilled your basic needs. We have 50 plus LIC plans and policy. We will help you to choose suitable plan.

About Us

We are LIC’s authorised & recognised IRDA certified LIC Agent / Advisor in Raipur since 18 years, providing Professional & value based Insurance services to our esteemed clients not only in Raipur, but across India & Globally.

Our LIC Policies

LIC provides various policies and plans :

  • Endowment Plans
  • Child Plans
  • Term Plans and many more

Tax Saving Plans

Premiums paid under all LIC Insurance Polices are eligible for Tax rebate. You can avail maximum Tax rebate upto Rs 1,50,000 on the premiums paid under section 80c.

You have reached the right website for your Life Insurance needs.

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Life Insurance Corporation of India(LIC) is the largest & only Government undertaking Life Insurance Company in India. Every day we wake up to the fact that more than 300 million lives are part of our family called LIC.

LIC is pride of India, Come join us to be a part of………

  • Most trusted brand in India
  • Asset Value more than 27 lakh crores
  • Life fund more than 25 lakh crores
  • More than 3100 offices across the country
  • More than 33 crores satisfied Policy holders
  • Only LIC policies are Government Guaranteed
  • Holds World record in Claim settlement i.e., 99.66%
  • There are no two ways about the fact the Life insurance is a must-have for just about everyone. So it’s important to make the right choice when it comes to buying life insurance. This calls for a keen understanding of the topic and the value a life insurance policy can add to your life and the lives of your loved ones. We are here to help you choose the right insurance plan that suits you and your loved ones. We just don’t sell policies; we provide need based Insurance solution as per individual requirement.

    Life insurance can be defined as a contract between LIC and a policyholder, whereby you agree to pay certain premium for a specific term and LIC promises to pay a sum of money on a specific term, it can be either on death of the insured person or maturity date, whichever is earlier.

    Individuals take insurance policy to cover the risk on their life, as insurance policy provides financial cover to the dependents in their absence. The way to go about achieving this is by making sure thatlife insurance cover is adequate, generally we recommend to take a minimum risk cover of atleastto the extent of 6 to 7 times of your annual income. The life cover secures your loved ones future by paying a lump sum amount in case of an unfortunate event. Life insurance not only covers the risk arising due to an unfortunate event, but also gives you additional benefits like tax benefits, savings and wealth creation over a period of time.

    Tax benefits are available on both entry and exit levels i.e., the premiums paid by you are eligible for tax rebate u/s 80c & Maturity and Death claims received are tax free u/s 10(10d)

    Insurance can prove advantageous in meeting several financial goals of the individual and his/her family. Here are some of the important one:

      1. Financial cover against loss of life, which makes sure family can support itself in your absence
      2. Child’s higher education
      3. Child’s marriage
      4. Pension or regular income post-retirement
      5. Old age provision like medical expenses
      6. Buying a property

    These are just some of financial goals you can achieve with the help of life insurance. More importantly, life insurance plans from LIC are flexible and comes with government guarantee.

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