LIC Cancer Cover Policy (Plan no. 905)

  • Health is the talk of the town! Demand and Need for Health Insurance is very important for every household!
  • Health Insurance is the Number 1 priority over Life Insurance!
  • World is full of uncertainty, Cancer can affect anyone, anytime!
  • Cancer can occur when the normal checkpoints in a cell’s life cycle are misregulated somehow and unhealthy cells start dividing and multiplying!
  • There is an alarming rise in Cancer cases in India!
  • If diagnosed, treatment for Cancer is most expensive!
  • Staying financially prepared is half the battle won!
  • LIC’s Critical Illness Product “CANCER CARE” offers a Lump Sum Benefits on Diagnosis of Dreadful Cancer that helps to protect our hard earned income and life time savings!
  • No doubt, mental strength, emotional strength, support of family and friends, prayers are very important to fight Cancer, but financial strength is also equally very important as well!
  • While fighting Cancer is an uphill task, being financially prepared for any eventuality is now made easy through LIC’s genuine Cancer Cover Care!
  • Let us protect ourselves and our loved ones from the ever rising costs of oncological procedures/surgeries, frequent hospitalisation, radiation, chemotherapy, cancer medication, prosthetics, PET scans etc!

LIC’s Cancer Cover offers on detection of

Cancer Stage 1:

25% of Applicable Sum Assured + Future Premiums Waiver for 3 years!

Cancer Stage 2:

100% of Applicable Sum Assured (ASA) + Waiver of ALL future premiums + Regular Monthly Income Benefit of 1% of Actual Sum Assured for 10 years irrespective of life or death of the cancer victim!

Simplified issuance process:

  • This policy can be taken without any medical tests for Sum Assured ranging from 10 lakhs to 50 lakhs!
  • Avail tax benefits upto Rs. 55,000/-under section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961!
  • An exclusive option for inbuilt-indexation of 10% increase in Basic Sum Assured (BSA) for the first 5 years!
  • The claims portfolio is fully owned and managed by LIC (No Third party is involved)